E M Cole Farms Ltd

E M Cole Farms Ltd is a family business based in West Pinchbeck, Spalding, Lincolnshire, England. The company was started by Eric and Mae Cole in 1927 and is now run by the third generation, James and Charlotte Cole.

We have over 50 years experience as flower growers. The nursery grows hydroponic Tulips, Scented Stocks, Oriental Lilies and Asters and employs 15 full time staff and with seasonal students to cover busy periods. We produce nearly 15 million plants per annum and have 27,000 m2 of glasshouses.

E M Cole Farms Ltd
Small Drove Lane,
West Pinchbeck, Spalding,
Lincolnshire, PE11 3NL

Flower Varieties

British Flower Farmers


We grow Asters in Pink, Scarlet, Deep Rose, White and Blue Tipped

Cut flowers and plants

Oriental Lilies

80% of our lilies are grown in various shades of pink, the remainder being pure white or white bi-colour.

Flowers for Florist

Scented Stocks

Our current range of stocks includes seven different colours including Cream, White, Red, Deep Rose, Light Rose, Lavender and Purple.

Flowers for Florist


Over 40 varieties are grown each season to provide a broad choice for our customers, including many different shades of colours and bi-colours incorporating double petal varieties.