G.W. Harrington Ltd

Growing only Gypsophila, and nothing else, this family business is run by Ashley Harrington in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire.  

Harrington's Gypsophila has a reputation second to none, florist throughout the UK know the outstanding quality grown by Ashley and actively seek it out.

G.W. Harrington Ltd
173 North Brink,
Cambridgeshire, PE13 4TA

Growing only Gypsophila

Cut flowers and plants

Started by Ashley’s father Gerald Harrington in 1950, we have been specialising in Gypsophila for some 65 years.

Flowers for Florist

We grow several larger flowered white varieties and also pink. Having our own propagation facility allows us to select plants best adapted to growing in UK conditions. We are possibly the biggest grower of Gypsophila in Europe.

Flowers for Florist

Our proximity to customers in the UK means that our Gyp is not only fresher, but also has the lowest carbon footprint of any marketed in the country – some 95% less than our major competitors.