How FloraBritain was formed

FloraBritain was founded in January 2015 by 14 farmers in Lincolnshire and Norfolk with the aim of selling British flowers and plants on a large scale, for the first time, to the 6000+ British florists in the United Kingdom. 

Early in 2014 Steve France formed FloriSmart, keen to enable British flowers to get back into the hands of professional florists he along with Sue Lamb (now Flora Britain's Chairman) and Cor Schier arranged many visits with flower and plant growers. 

They shared the concept of FloraBritian, knowing the growers appetite to have their flowers sold to skilled British florists this was no hard sell!  they explained that with the formation of an online market place for florists to buy from – the distribution problem they previously had been such an issue were solved, there was now a way for British growers to sell their flowers and access the distribution channels that are used from the Netherlands to UK flower shops.

They could now come to together as a strong group and combining their  quality flowers  for sale to the florists under one brand via a professional online market place.

On 22nd January 2015 a meeting in Spalding took place; 14 growers agreed to work together and form a central warehouse where they would deliver their flowers and pack them together before delivery into the florist distribution network, enabling  fresh British flowers delivered to florist shops on a next day basis.

The following day the growers were proud to announce that FloraBritain was formed, and a committee was assembled to manage the formation of the organisation.  For the following few months the FloriSmart team and the FloraBritain growers worked hard to implement the necessary software and upload their products to the FloriSmart market place ready for the begining of the season, special  thanks goes to Chris Hull from Nursery Fresh Plants (A FloraBritain committee member) who has worked with the FloriSmart team to upload much of information from the growers.