Jenny Pennington

Ian and Jenny Pennington of Penningtons, primarily a farming business near Spalding , have been growing outdoor summer flowers more extensively since the early 2000’s. Prior to this, they had trialled and grown other summer flowers in a smaller capacity but decided to concentrate on their particular favourites, sweet williams and gladioli.

Jenny Pennington
Welland House Farm,
Spalding Marsh,
PE12 6HF

Flower Varieties

British Flower Farmers

Sweet William

Sweet Williams start their summer flower season in May through to June, followed by gladioli at the beginning of July through to the end of October depending on the weather. Seasonal workers are employed to help them through their busy summer season.


Gladioli are grown in a wide range of colours and lengths ranging from the very palest pastels to the vibrant purples, blacks and reds.