Why FloraBritain was formed

For far too long there had been no easy way for Florists to purchase a wide range of  British fresh cut flowers, which was a real shame considering the quality and quantity of flowers we grow here in this country. 

Demand for locally grown produce has never been higher, with consumers actively seeking to purchase British flowers.  However until now, consumers have to go to the supermarkets to buy British flowers giving them a competitive edge over florists. 

Shocked at the situation that of the 750 million stems that are grown every year here in this country very few made their way into the skilled hands of British florists, 14 Lincolnshire farmers decided to join forces to send their flowers to florists across Britain.

So what was the problem?

  • There was no clear logistics in place to link British florists with the professional British growers.

  • The professional large-scale farms in the UK specialize in growing 4 or 5 varieties throughout the year and are generally set up to sell larger amounts therefore the minimum order quantities, and values, have been too high for the majority of florists who would prefer to buy a larger selection in smaller amounts

  • Of the very large production of British flowers in Lincolnshire and Norfolk, only a small amount has been available to florists in local wholesale markets, but these flowers are limited to the vast majority of florists as these markets are not easily accessible to all.

But since the launch of FloraBritain all of these problems have been overcome; there is now a way for British growers who have been keen to sell their flowers to passionate florists, and florists are now able to meet their customers’ demands and easily get their hands on these beautiful British flowers of a very high standard.